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Reach Beyond Borders

Advance your marketing and advertising using AR innovation to reach more customer, engage and boost your sales!

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Why Using AR?

AR Impact to marketing conversion rate


Higher Conversion Rate

AR impact to shoppers shop more often


Shoppers Shop
More Often

Brand using Augmented Reality for marketing


World's Most Valuable Brands Are Using AR

AR content social media marketing


More Memorable Than Non-AR Content

Engage with Your Customer by the Power of AR

  • Face Filter

  • Virtual Try -on

  • Product Visualisation

  • Augmented World

  • Image Tracker

  • Portal

  • Mini Games

For Business

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Desain tanpa judul (1).png

Looking for partner to plan and convert AR idea to achieve business goals.

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Connect with AR Creators to start a project.

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Solutions related to AR technologies such as: AR for events, AR for education, etc.

Exploring marketing campaign inspiration

using AR technology.

For Creators

Apply to be featured on Kuasar

Wider  opportunities to connect with potential partners and projects.

Showcasing portfolios to reach higher exposure.

Get inspired by the most innovative AR Creators in the network.

Let's Talk!

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