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Introducing Meta Reality: Mixed Reality Is More Than Just a Video Feed

What do you think when you hear Mixed Reality? Mixed reality is about much more than just displaying a live video feed of your surroundings inside the headset. For it to work properly, the headset needs to understand your room as a 3D space, recognizing the surfaces and objects around you and how they can interact with digital objects. It requires technologies like Spatial Anchors, which allow virtual things to occupy fixed spaces in the physical world, as well as Scene Understanding for reconstructing physical spaces virtually, as well as stereoscopic color  Passthrough, for capturing the physical world and representing it accurately in the headset with a sense of depth for greater comfort. Meta Reality, our system for mixed reality, combines all these technologies and more into a single system for developers to build with.

Introducing Infinite Display: Measuring Visual Quality in VR

The visual quality of a VR device depends on a range of technologies that go beyond the typical metrics we’ve used when describing the displays on a computer, TV or phone. Along with display resolution, factors like system resolution, sharpness, contrast and color range each play an important part. So does the optical stack itself, where lenses, coatings and films each make a huge difference.

The Presence Platform: Hackathon 2023 - Mixed Reality

Meta and the Presence Platform are inviting global developers around the world to build Meta Mixed reality experiences using Meta Quest Pro. The Presence Platform Hackathon will take place on new date April 25th-27th, 2023 on Meta campuses in Menlo Park, CA and London, UK. On this occasion, Kuasar is proud to announce that we will be the one of the participants in The Presence Platform: Hackaton held by Meta. Subscribe to the Kuasar website and follow Kuasar's social media to follow every activity update that will be carried out there.

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